End User License Agreement Is Not Accepted

To move licenses from one switch to another, you can deactivate the license on the first switch and activate it on the second switch. Unlike the blocked license model, you don`t need to go through the rehost process to move the licenses. The term shrunk film license refers to any software license agreement that is attached to software and is not available to the customer prior to purchase. Typically, the license agreement is printed on paper contained in the packaged software. It can also be displayed to the user on the screen during installation, in which case the license is sometimes referred to as the Click-Wrap license. The customer`s inability to verify the license agreement prior to purchasing the software has led to such licenses in some cases conflicting with legal challenges. 6. Conditions for access to the game and provision of functions for users 1. Access to the Game and functions to the User under this License Agreement are provided provided that the User becomes familiar with this License Agreement and its appendices in the order set out in clause 2 of this License Agreement and confirms its acceptance. 2. The user will have access to the game within the limits and limits set by this License Agreement and its annexes. 3.

The user pays for the functions in the order required by this License Agreement and its annexes. 4. The user pays for the functions by spending money on the administrator`s website, in the social network store or in the mobile platform store (Google Play and/or App Store). The outstanding amount to be paid is set within the limits set by the chosen payment method. Each function is deemed to be paid from the date on which the administrator receives a payment confirmation from the system used to complete the transaction. 5. Once the credit of the money for the payment of the functions of the administrator has been confirmed, the user account is credited with the in-game currency of the amount corresponding to the money paid. In-game currency is a default unit used in the game to assign a value to different features and functionality available to the user in the game. In-game currency is not a means of payment and can in no way be used outside of the game. In-game currency can be credited to the user account without being paid, but as a reward for the conclusion of certain actions in the game by that user. Actions that include a reward for in-game currency vary by game (for example. B if the user reaches a new level or meets a number of specific requirements/successes).

6. After being credited with the corresponding amount of in-game currency, the account can be reused only within the game, while the features are considered to be fully made available to the user, regardless of his own decision whether or not to use this in-game currency in the game to pay for the in-game functions. 7. The User agrees and agrees that the Administrator does not anticipate a reverse conversion of in-game currency (or other in-game valuables) into cash or cash and does not compensate and/or reimburse user fees, including all expenses related to processing payments of money to the Administrator, and does not pay interest on the money used. Because in-game currency is an additional in-game feature and buying with funds is interpreted as purchasing a license to use this feature….