Hillsborough County Schools Collective Bargaining Agreement

A member of a member of a tariff unit may be disciplined by reprimand, suspension or any other means that would constitute grounds for dismissal under the collective agreement in force or set out above. An educational assistance staff member who is not a member of a tariff unit may be disciplined by reprimands, suspensions or other means for any reason set out in this Directive. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The Hillsborough County School District says it has now reached an agreement with the Class Guardians Association. The anonymous survey aims to help district management understand respondents` attitudes and fears regarding COVID-19 vaccines and will help district chiefs better plan and implement distribution logistics and campaigns to maximize the number of residents who choose to be vaccinated. Any educational assistance employee whose position is subject to a collective agreement may be terminated for one or more reasons provided for in the collective agreement in force. Any member of the teaching staff who is suspended or dismissed has the possibility to appeal the complaint. The procedure for teaching employees, whose positions are subject to a collective agreement, will be the process set out in the current collective agreement, including all claims procedures contained therein. Members of the Educational Assistance who are not employed in a managerial or confidential position may challenge their suspension or dismissal through the complaints procedure provided for in Board Policy 4470.

In the event that an education support staff member is not satisfied with the outcome of the claims procedure, the employee may request an administrative hearing in accordance with Chapter 120 of the F.S. Any request for an administrative hearing must be made within ten days of receiving the rejection of the employee`s complaint in Step 3. Staff members in a confidential or managerial position may request a review of their suspension or termination through the appeal procedure provided for in Board Policy 4470. The decision of the Board of Directors on any confidential or management position is final. All teaching assistants shall be recruited on a trial basis during the period fixed by an applicable collective agreement or, in the absence of an applicable collective agreement, for the period fixed by the applicable rules of the board of directors. While the agreement with the teachers` union gives teachers a raise, Florida still ranks at the bottom of the nation for teachers` compensation. Any educational aid employee whose position is not subject to a collective agreement, with the exception of those in a confidential or managerial position, may be terminated for one or more of the following reasons: the agreement gives increases to new and existing teachers, but the agreement comes as teaching and administrative jobs are eliminated throughout the county. The agreement has yet to be ratified by members of the Classroom Teachers Association.

F.S. 1012.01, 1012.37, 1012.40 F.A.C 6A-1.0502 (11) 20 U.S.C. 6301 Hillsborough plans to eliminate 149 district positions, 424 vacancies will not be filled and 246 class positions are expected to be eliminated. *N/A indicates that the issue has not been resolved as part of the documents verified by NCTQ. ** The number of school district teachers, enrollment, and demographics are from the 2016-2017 school year and are from the National Center for Education Statistics. . . .