Idoe Test Security Agreement

Safe test materials are not delivered to buildings more than a week before testing is managed. During the trial administration, the CLC, site managers and/or builders monitor the test rooms to ensure that staff accurately manage evaluations of test administration and test protocols/procedures and that staff provide students with appropriate accommodation, which is included in their PDPS, ILPs, Section 504 Plans, CSEP or service plans. These visits are documented. Staff can use the training elements provided by the Indiana Department of Education to check them with students. The NWEA should be used to prepare standardized assessments and other school curricula adopted by the school society. Test preparation resources should not replace the program. Where there is evidence of inappropriate testing practice or exam irregularities, a report should be sent to the Student Assessment Office within seven calendar days. For safety reasons, all materials (test tickets, scratch paper, etc.) must be registered and disconnected for the location to be known. Before testing, test administrators (TAs) must report to test headquarters to retrieve and unsubscribe materials. Once the tests are complete, the TAs materials must be returned and connected. If the return of materials is difficult because there is a class right after the test, someone comes into the classrooms for pickup to make sure the material is safe at all times. Each year, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) asks the company`s employees to check a variety of materials in terms of safety and integrity.

These include teachers, paraprofits, food service staff, facilitators, office staff, etc. The only group excluded from this requirement is bus drivers. If you are scrolling through this newsletter, please view the training video and read the related documents. Overall, this should take about 25 minutes. Prior to administering the test, all employees (except bus drivers) sign the Indiana Safety and Integrity Agreement to confirm that they have read, understood and agreed to comply with the Code of Ethical Practices and Procedures and have completed all necessary training for test safety. Participants in the training will also document their participation. An initial investigation to determine whether there is credible evidence that such an event occurred must be conducted within one day of school from the receipt of a verified complaint, an allegation or concern about inappropriate testing practices or a report of test irregularities.