Joint Home Loan Sharing Agreement

My wife and I want 50%. 50% tax benefit. But the question is when the total amount of the loan would be directly deducted from my payroll account. If this is the case, I can argue fiscally that it is a Co-Borwwer and a common and egalitarian shareholder of Flat. If so, how under which section. If I can get a tax benefit, I can regularly pay my share cheque to my wife. It`s just legal. Please. Learn about Dear Harpreet in detail. She can claim, but offers to pay the EMIs from a joint account, if not from her person a/c. 1.

As a co-owner and applicant, can I take out a second home loan with my husband? 2. If answer to Q1 is yes, then it is ideal and worth working together. What would be the benefits? 3. We both work and expect a good increase every year. Is it advisable to take out a loan by paying it back? What should be the strategy to make the most of tax and reduce the total amount of interest? (like final loans with lower maturities?) 4. If we expect, as competitors, what ratio can we pay for one year the amount of the ME? 1:3 ? Dear Sonal, Yes, you can benefit from tax advantages for the first property. This is not a norm, but generally bankers/lenders avoid the acceptance of the married woman a co-borrower when they apply with their parents. Yes, if you can get the loan for the second property, you can continue. 1) The extract is only issued in my name and the IMEs are only paid into my individual account. My spouse is a co-lender and co-owner of the property. 2) Is there a way to explain the rent in my taxable income, since the lease is in my wife`s name? Since my wife is unemployed, does she have no income other than rental income? Is there a provision in the Income Tax Act that allows me to explain rental income only for my wife, while I take the deduction for the capital and interest real estate credit, since I am in the top tax bracket I am at age 31 and I have Govt. Service left 30 years and the country is in my father`s name (at the age of 58).

If we mortgage (hbl) then bank (sbi) offers me a term of 12 years to repay the loan, but I want 20 years of mandate for taking hbl. it is possible by sbi or any other bank. Eager, to get your precious proposal. Dear Dhiraj, you can self-report the other two as you will benefit from the 100% tax benefit. You can also read to your lender if it is possible to issue a credit statement alone on your behalf. Good morning, sir. Thank you for your early response. I`m Subhasish Roy. The whole country is a gift property and offered by my father-in-law in favor of my wife. Now tell me to use the full tax, the deed I can file.

Gift act or relingquish act? Again, I point out that I am the beneficiary of the entire EMI, because my wife is a housewife, but note that both co-applicants for housing credit are Dear Sir, I am co-owner and congratulated with my husband for a residential property and we have used the real estate credit. In addition, my husband also has a home loan for another residential property in another state. His parents live there. My question is: how can we benefit from tax benefits? And do we have to show the other property as rented and show some income when we have not rented it? Can my husband interest and 50:50 interest and capital in the common loan and the principle of the full rate band in the home loan in which his parents stay? Please specify if he can benefit from the full interest discount on the second home credit, and I can take a discount for the first home loan, since they are paid or paid. My wife and I took out a home loan together. She pays 60 per cent of the EMI, but the property is registered only in her name. What are the individual tax benefits that will be derived from it? If a couple jointly requests that a loan be held equally by a property they themselves have occupied, both spouses could claim the deduction of principal and interest repaid without int