Soft Play Rental Agreement

(407) 603-6932 NO Shoes, SNEAKERS, HIGH HEELS, FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS are allowed on carpets (playground) CHAUSSETTES MUST BE WORN IN ALL TIME! This package includes a 15 x 18-foot (270 square meter) space filled with soft and safe playing equipment. It is perfect for larger interiors such as the banquet hall, park quarters and churches. Or, in good weather, let`s put it in a park or an outdoor garden. Our softplay devices promote the development of coarse motor skills and make playing time a safe experience. Children must be supervised by an adult (18 years old) /parent/guardian during the playground. No more than the recommended number of children is allowed in the play area at any given time. See packages for capacity. Nelly`s Playground offers on-site services for your 6 months-5 years with a safe and gentle gaming environment, we have what you need for your next event. Our attractive equipment offers young people a lot of stimulating entertainment.

Sanitary and full of opportunities for physical and mental engagement, our play sets are perfect for parents looking for party solutions for young children. This package includes a 9 x 12 foot (110 square meter) space filled with soft and safe playing equipment. It`s perfect for a party at home. You can use it indoors or outdoors. Its small size makes it possible to adapt to most living rooms or cellars. Or place it in the yard so the kids can enjoy the fresh air! If there are damaged or stolen softplay instruments, I am charged an equivalent amount, i.e. repair or replacement costs. Meals, sweets or drinks are not allowed in or near the playground.

If you have the best leasing equipment, you can have the best soft play equipment for your business – not the cheapest. This effectively means that potentially higher gains from the offer of better service or product. Many leases may include maintenance contracts; At the end of the lease, it is possible to either own the equipment for a title fee or update the latest “must-have” equipment for your business. I am responsible for paying the down payment to book the date and balance in full The selected softplay rental paid on the day of the event. To ensure the safety of your customers and our equipment, Atlanta Tiny Tumblers LLC, as part of our lease agreement, includes verification and acceptance of the following: We provide, de-manage and deploy gaming equipment for you. Our construction and removal of equipment takes about 20-45 minutes; this is not included in your reserved time. Please take this into account when booking the event schedules. We need easy access to the equipment unloading and loading space. Any restrictions (for example.B. lack of parking spaces, stairs) should be reported before the event.

Otherwise, a surcharge may be charged. – Rent can be up to 4 hours from the start of the event. She recommends a lot for a party and plans to reinstate her. Clean, set up and break everything they did and the kids loved it. The best part… in your home, so you don`t try to bring all your party supplies elsewhere and the playground is surrounded with a fence, so the kids can play safely without being surprised. Because our equipment is moderate and gentle, it is unlikely that children will be injured while they are taking care of them. And because we limit the age of children in our playgrounds to 5 years, smaller children can have fun without fear of being bullied by grown children.