Support Staff Agreements

Board members are subject to a number of collective agreements. NZSTA participates in negotiations with the Ministry of Education, the union and other stakeholders, as well as other related issues that have a direct impact on all school staff. All staff (including Agency staff) must maintain confidentiality in the handling of sensitive materials and the standards set out in the Statement of Principles will continue to apply after the green paper (.pdf 1.1 Mb format), including school support staff, has expired. Check out the information sheet for non-educational employees – billing collective agreements and individual employment contracts (IEAs) for non-union members. Please click on the links below to see active negotiated collective agreements between the parties. Examples of full-time scientific staff, administrative and support staff contracts can be found on the “Part-Time Boarding Process” page. A collective agreement is a written contract between an employer and a union that describes many of the conditions of employment of workers in a collective agreement unit. There are two collective agreements that cover members of Algonquin College`s collective agreement unit. The academic collective agreement includes professors, trainers, part-time staff, counselors and librarians. The support staff collective agreement includes all full-time support staff, Appendix D and Schedule G members.

Visit the Ministry of Education website to see collective agreements and individual contracts. The following documents on this page are what you should get if you start working with your school and the Landratsamt. If you receive a modified contract during your employment, you receive only Part 1 of the contract and refer to the Intranet for Parts 2 and 3. If you are an administrator, please read the terms and conditions of sale. This document contains the recent amendment to the School Support Staff Collective Agreement, which implements the Teacher Aide Pay Equity Claim (TAPEC) scheme. The transaction agreement and variation document can be viewed separately from the corresponding documents below. Teacher- Help Pay Equity Claim update: See the Minister of Education`s explanatory letter. Directors` terms and conditions apply to all full-time and full-time employees at Niagara College.

Regular full-time work is defined as work in progress with the college, subject to dismissal, de-staffing or retirement. The first part confirms both your personal data and your employment data, such as hours and grades. If you feel that the information in Part 1 of the contract is incorrect, please contact your school first. Please note that documents are only available in Adobe PDF format. Accessible versions, if available, can be provided on request. Diversification work helps companies develop diverse and inclusive jobs. Take a look at their website to find out how to get information about this application about schools. These are empty examples of the first part of the contract – one for teachers and one for support staff (Green Book) If you want a printed copy of this agreement, we recommend you download the following PDF version.