The Four Agreements Nothing Is Personal

AND I believe that Ruiz`s teachings on depersonalization can help us live with a greater sense of peace. When I personally take things, I ask myself (painful) questions like: with this consciousness, you realize how ridiculous it is to say: “My beloved does not understand me. No one understands me. Of course I don`t. You don`t even get along yourself. Your personality always changes from one moment to the next, depending on the role you play according to the secondary characters in your story, depending on how you dreamed at that time. At home, you have a certain personality. At work, your personality is completely different. With your friends, it`s a way. With your male friends, it`s another way.

But all their lives, you`ve had the assumption that other people knew you so well, and if they didn`t do what you expected of them, you took it personally, reacted with anger and you used the word to create a lot of conflict and drama for nothing. Whatever`s going on around you, don`t take it personally… What others do is not because of you. It`s up to himself. All men live in their own dreams, in their own minds; they are in a completely different world from the one we live in. If we take something personal, we assume that they know what is in our world and we try to impose our world on their world. But if you don`t take it personally, you are immune in the middle of hell. Immunity in the midst of hell is the gift of this agreement. Knowing that these insults have nothing to do with me, as Ruiz says, prevents me from absorbing his poison. All I have to do is learn to laugh instead of cry.

It is possible to understand that we share the collective energy, and we can all work towards personal healing that will contribute to collective healing. All of this said that if you are in friendship with someone whose words or actions harm them, it is healthy to set limits, create boundaries and honor you. You can experience great feelings, and these are all real and valid. Feeling hurt doesn`t mean taking something personal. However, in the healing process, it will be important to practice this agreement and ensure that the person`s actions were not above you and/or your worth. The second agreement simply says: don`t take anything in person. Being human is beautiful and amazing, and it`s also complex. I am directly with you and I am learning to be authentic and ready to connect while allowing others to have their own process. If you take something personal, I invite you to meet with compassion and slowly begin to remember that you are naturally loved and worthy. Here too, through this process, you can document your support system and remember the many people and places you can contact for a connection.

At this point, it`s clear that the people you love the most don`t really know you, and you don`t know them. The only thing you know about her is what you believe in her. You only know the image you created for them, and this image has nothing to do with real humans. You thought you knew your parents, your spouse, your children and your friends very well.