Vasp License Agreement

Please note that this only applies if you wish to use the VASP facilities provided by NSC. We strongly advise you to try our installations, as they are highly optimized and tested, but you can compile VASPs yourself from the source and run them on NSC clusters. In such cases, you do not need to tell us, but you are responsible for ensuring that your name is registered on a valid VASP license. VASP licenses are permanent licenses for the purchased version of the software and all minor upgrades to that version within the first three years after the license is concluded. For upgrades that will be developed later, the license must be renewed. For more information, please contact us at VASP licenses are only granted to clearly defined research groups. They are not at the department or institute level, not even personal licenses. All members of a VASP group must work in the same organizational unit (department, institute) on the same site. VASP licenses are not transferable from one research organization to another. Any transfer of a license to another group in the same research organization must be expressly approved by VASP Software GmbH. The terms of the VASP license require us to verify that a user is covered by a valid VASP license before we can access our VASP binary files. The VASP license is proprietary and commercial.

It is based on group licensing rules, and for NOTUR systems, VASP packages fall into the “Bring your own license” category. For more information, see General Comments on Licenses. PLEASE NOTE: These summary highlights are intended as a reference and should not be construed as the full NOR licence conditions if they are considered relevant interpretations of the licence. The license itself (linked above) is the only source relevant to the use of the software. If you feel that any of the above statements are incorrect, please contact us immediately at to discuss the discrepancy. The Vasp program is not distributed through site licenses. However, HPC employees in NOTUR have access to the VASP code to assist search groups with a valid VASP license. There are three ways to show us that you are covered by a VASP license: you can be added to one of the licenses we have registered by referring us to the license number you are covered for.

We will then confirm this with the licensee. It is also possible that the licensee will add you directly via the SNIC SUPR portal. For any administrative questions regarding VASP licenses, please contact us at Payment can be made by wire transfer (preferably) or by cheque. Credit cards are not accepted by VASP Software GmbH. All banking data is shown in the invoice to the vasp license fee, which is sent at the same time as the newly signed license agreement. If you know that you are covered by a license, but we do not have it in the file and we do not have access to the license agreement, we can confirm that you are a registered user with VASP developers.